A better way to get prenatal care

CenteringPregnancy is prenatal care that includes an individual health check-up with additional time and attention in a group setting. You’ll meet with your healthcare provider and other women who are due near the same time for 10 sessions during your pregnancy.

CenteringPregnancy is a way for you to share learning and experiences with other pregnant women and to be involved in your own care.

You will:

  • Learn more about pregnancy
  • Be better prepared for birth
  • Be better prepared to care for your baby
  • Participate more in your healthcare
  • Have more time with your provider

More Information

A group of women with similar due dates meet together in regular sessions with their healthcare provider. The group is relaxed and fun. Everyone can share their questions, advice, and experiences.


Expectant mothers meet other pregnant women with due dates close to theirs and create bonds that can last a lifetime.


Each group visit lasts about 2 hours with your healthcare provider leading the session. Scheduling in advance makes planning for work and childcare easier.

Proven Results

  • 96-97% of women surveyed prefer receiving their prenatal care in a group
  • 33% less likely to have preterm baby
  • Higher breast feeding rates