We are a Grassroots Nonprofit Organization

For the past 40 years the Pregnancy Aid Center has provided quality, affordable, culturally sensitive, individualized medical and behavioral health care to women and adolescents who have Medicaid, whose Medicaid is pending, or who are uninsured.

We Offer as Many Prenatal Visits as It Takes

Generally during the 1st trimester patients are seen monthly, 2nd trimester every 2 weeks, and every week after the 35 week mark

Our Pregnancy Related Services May Include:

Our Care Does Not End After Your Delivery!

We Promise…

To connect you with the services that you need to the best of our ability

You Can Count On…

The comfort and reliability of our midwives

As well as our physicians to oversee the care of our high-risk patients


What Might Make Me A “High Risk” Patient?